How to Eat Cake 🍰

Uhm, with a fork right?

Yeah, cool- I mean how to eat cake and not be frantic with thoughts of...

“No more sugar for me the rest of the week”
“Well shit, now I’ve blown it”
“I’ll totally lose control”

AKA without going down the rabbit hole. Maybe it’s not cake, but it’s a group of foods you try to limit in your diet, or you deem as bad. Maybe your intention is overall greater health and wellbeing wonderful, I love it!

Most of the women I work with want to work towards a healthier lifestyle, they want to feel well and increase energy. Often, this means ascribing to certain “rules” whether they be self-imposed or absorbed from a "clean eating" Insta post. I get it, women like structure (hello, me too!), just not when it comes to my food.

I’ve found in healing my own relationship with food and working with hundreds of women that rules and rigidity around food never works {long term}. Here’s what I’ve learned happens when there’s a rule, I’ll use cake as an example (because I ❤️ cake).

  1. You vow to eliminate all “sugar and sweets” because they are “empty calories” and you feel out of control around them or you think its "bad."

  2. You exclude all sugar and sweets from your diet {AKA carbohydrates} which then heightens your response to these foods. Carbohydrates give us a serotonin boost (feeeeel good hormone), so you maybe feeling a little down.

  3. Your brain is searching for ways to increase serotonin (especially increased during your menstrual cycle). Low and behold- there’s cake for a coworkers birthday in the break room! All you can think about is that.damn.cake.

Result? You end up eating more than a typical serving {maybe in secret?} and feel guilty, ashamed and the belief you “can not control yourself around cake” gets reinforced again, ugggggh. Sound familiar?


You give yourself permission to eat the cake.

You know you can have cake anytime you damn well please.

You decide in the moment if you actually even want a piece of cake 🤷🏾‍♀️ and are able to separate your emotions from the cake because you have unconditional permission & therefore your brain isn’t seeking this food all the time {YAS!}.

By working through this process with you will increase your wellbeing and decrease stress and inflammation. Feeling confident in your food choices is by far more supportive of your health than micromanaging every bite you put into your mouth.

Do you struggle with giving yourself full permission?
Do you feel hopeless and powerless around certain foods?

I can help you work towards taking away the power of foods and get you away from the crazies.

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