Lunchpacking Guide

There are few things about me that one who characterize as “Typical Dietitian,” but packing my daughters lunch just might. It’s one of the things I do after a long day to have lunch ready to go for our morning routine out the door.

I know there are a plethora of beautiful blogs, entire Instragram accounts to swoon over and relish at parents who cut perfectly shaped flowers, crustless sandwhiches and homemade rollups, disclaimer: mine is not one of them.

I make lunches with these things in mind:

  1. It’s my job to provide a nourishing meal with flavor and variety

  2. Making lunch for my daughter is my way of connecting with her when I can’t physically be there & ensuring she is well cared for

  3. My lunches don’t have to be Instagram worthy to be healthful & I don’t need to spend extra money of lunch packing supplies

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box (sandwich box for that matter). I rely heavily on dinner leftovers for lunches, and often when I haven’t made it to the store improvise with tortillas, bagels, frozen waffles or other things- this adds variety to her lunch.

Other things to Note

  • I love using the Planetbox, while at first I rolled my eyes at the price point, its been worth it, and the cut out sections and containers for dipping make it easy to ensure I’m providing a variety of foods.

  • I often use cut outs such as these from Pottery Barn. Ours were gifted, but I’m sure you could find some at a local HomeGoods or online with Amazon.

  • Never use anything sharp such as toothpicks should you choose to get creative, I use soft edge cakepop holders, you can find them at craft stores

  • Always ensure food is being stored safely. I send Freezer Packs inside to keep everything cool until lunchtime

  • I love connecting with my little one while I’m away. Lunchbox Lovenotes are a favorite or you can write your own

I love getting inspired when I feel like I'm in a lunch making rut. Some of my favorite resources from pediatric Registered Dietitians are:

Tribeca Nutrition 
Raising Health Eaters
Jill Castle

& when I'm feeling extra creative, I peruse Lunchbox Dad Pinterest page, he is so creative!

PS: In no way am I trying to gross you out with the photos below, just want to give some samples. Our preschool is nutfree for allergies. 


sunflower butter + jelly sandwich, crispy snap-peas, rasberries, caprese salad + fruit snacks


leftover honey salmon + edamame + quinoa, dried figs (sliced), strawberries + sliced cucumbers