Postpartum Meal & Snack Staples

Photo Credit: Doulas of OC, Original Location, Instagram.

Photo Credit: Doulas of OC, Original Location, Instagram.

Coming home with your brand new little human in tow for the first time can be filled with needs and to do’s right off the bat. Moving from changing, nursing and wooing your newborn to sleep can leave a mama feeling zapped- meaning dinner prep? Ya, not happenin’. To make the most of your time during your little one’s first days of life, stock up on these 6 essential staples before the big due date or enlist a {mom friend, neighbor, aunt, bestie, hubby} to snag them for you (or hey, Amazon Prime!). Hopefully you can use these to boost the nutrition content of several freeze ahead meals you already stocked up on in your nesting phase.

Rolled Oats.

Oats pop up all over mommy bloggers feeds most often due to their known lactogenic effect which can assist in increasing milk supply {hay, nursing momma!}. Prep some overnight oats for an all one breakfast, make your own version of energy balls or sneak them into a smoothie for energy sustenance in the afternoon. Being sleep deprived might increase your desire for foods rich in carbohydrate {quick energy} so its important to ensure your getting enough carbohydrate intake throughout the day.

Greek Yogurt.

Probiotics and protein make this a mamma must have. Stock up on single serve containers and pair them with a carbohydrate component for a power packed snack. One serving (6 oz cup) provides around 200 mg of calcium, most women need 3-4 servings of dairy products a day {of course this is individualized based on your needs!} to ensure your getting the recommended 1000 mg/d.


Known as natures perfect vitamin and aka a postpartum mommas best friend. Hard boil eggs in a batch to have on hand as a protein packed snack with veggies and crackers. All about avocado toast? Top it with a sliced egg for a winning combo or grains, protein and fat {& a dose of caffeine!} Most women don’t recognize postpartum as a time of “wound healing” persay, but its important to make sure your getting adequate protein to assist in healing and keeping you sustained until your next meal or snack.


Toss em in a salad, fill em in a burrito or make a dip- beans are an easy, shelf stable item to have on hand. Packed with fiber to keep things moving {to ward off postpartum constipation, ya it’s a real thang} and rich in iron, both important nutrients for mommas in the postpartum period. If your using canned beans just be sure to rinse and drain our beans to keep on hand.

Nuts & Seeds.

A simple, easy peezy dose of dietary fat to add to crackers, toast, fresh fruit or oats. Keep a stash of shelf stable nut butters on hand or a jar of nuts in a basket nearby when nursing baby to provide a healthy dose of protein, zinc and magnesium.


Your probably already a pro at ensuring you get an adequate amount of omega fatty acids due to the important role it plays in baby’s brain development, and postpartum is no time to stop that train! Keeping canned salmon on hand can be handy & convenient way to get your omegas in sans the dirty pans. The recommended amount of DHA+EPA can be provided if you consume 4 oz servings of omega rich fish three times a week (500 mg/each serving). Other sources of omega 3 fatty acids from plant sources include: flaxseed, walnuts, chia seeds and soybeans.

The majority of women have spent a large majority of their lives dieting or struggling with disordered eating along with major shifts during the prenatal and postpartum period and your prenatal bliss can easily become clouded with fear and anxiety. Having the support of a Registered Dietitian during the prenatal and postpartum period can provide you the space you need to develop a supportive plan for how to nourish yourself while caring for your little one. Together, we will work together to design your relationship with food to be supportive, joyful and fulfilling so you can look forward to spending every ounce absorbing time with your newborn and not spending a second more obsessing about calories, dieting or body image concerns. For package details on how I can support you during your transition, click here.